How to read more stories and chapters in Episode free passes

Episode – Choose Your Story is a very popular video game published by Episode Interactive for both Android and Apple iOS devices. As it is the massively famous mobile game with several millions of daily downloads from the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, it is preferable by several numbers of video game lovers on the web. Everybody would like to play this game to have a better pass time because they love everything from its funky cartoony visuals to the extreme storylines. When you want to get the episode free passes, each and every player should need to choose only the legitimate ways to get them and have greater fun at all.

episode free passes

What are free passes?

The free passes in the Episode – Choose Your Story game is nothing but the codes or points to easily and quickly win the game. The players will automatically get such passes but you will get only a few things. In order to read your favorite story, it is highly essential to have more numbers of passes in your account. For this purpose, it is highly crucial to make use of the online based free pass generators.

Each and every player is allowed to use the episode referral codes in order to obtain more numbers of the free passes to your account. Such codes can be given to your friends or you can also share them on the social media platforms but unfortunately they will be removed from the games. This is why all the players are advised to not share your codes and use only the codes to secretly generate the free passes to your episode gaming account.


Obtaining episode free passes:

In order to obtain the episode free passes, you should need to follow these important steps such as,

  • The players have to wait 4 hours for getting 3 free passes to recharge your account.
  • You should play a new story or the story with the new chapters in order to gain one free pass to get started.
  • By following the special links given by the episodes partners, you can gain some more amounts of the free passes to your episode game.


Instead of getting the passes and other gaming resources like gems one by one, you can get the bulk amount of free passes to your Episode – Choose Your Story game with the help of the online generator. Such free passes and gems generators are available for both the Android and Apple iOS devices. From any of your Android smart phone or tablet, iphone or ipad, you can access such generators in order to generate enough amount of passes and gems for completely free of cost to your episode gaming account. From among the various choices of the tools, it is highly suggested choosing only the best tool which works better online using any browser or mobile browser as an interface. Such tool will definitely work faster and smoother for all your needs of generating free passes. Want to know more about episode free passes you can visit from this site.